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Would you like to add value to your business? Regain control over your hygiene process? Good health is good business. Investing in infection prevention will produce enormous benefits, with the potential to lower your rates of absenteeism and increasing productivity. The result being a safe and happy team, happy client and return business.

Quality Service for Quality Clients

Providing both a proactive and reactive solution for you to work around your needs. We will take your cleaning and hygiene process to another level. You can have regular treatments or one off deep cleanse and antiviral treatment -e.g end of tenancy/new builds/reopenings. We further offer an emergency call out and cleanse service for situations where an outbreak may have occurred.

Restore Your Peace of Mind

Be at ease without disease. Your peace of mind is priceless and our priority. Our Team want to work with you and allow you to get back to doing what you do best. We'd ask you to trust us but we'd rather you make up your own mind. Welcome to your new beginning, and fresh start.

Our Services

Providing you with a Great Value, Safe and Highly Effective Solution. Delivered with Experience, Integrity and Professionalism, plus a process that is indepth yet beautifully simple:-

Beginning with a Risk Assessment in order that we can implement a best practice to fulfill your needs.

  • Decontamination of  areas and high level touch points
  • Complete Sanitisation
  • Application of Antiviral Protection Shield using a ULV Bio Fogging technique ensuring full and effective coverage.

Finally we will authorise all treated areas as completely Sanitised and dispose of any PPE off site and according to current regulations.

About Us

A little bit about who and why we are...

Having worked in and around the Industry for a substantial amount of time, we noticed that best practice simply wasn't happening and cutting corners was becoming standard. It didn't sit well with us. We knew that we could do better and, improve the experience overall. So with a combined experience in excess of 30 Years we researched, refreshed training (with new guidelines) and we saved....and saved! We formed in 2019 with the belief that consistency, transparency and quality will always be of value.

So, what do you gain?

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been somewhat strange. However, it really isn't just about Coronavirus and never has been for us. Starting in Computers and Touchscreens, then Vehicles, inevitably our Company evolved and we transferred our expertise to buildings and spaces (pre-covid!). We know what lives on your surfaces, we know that you care and that you want a specialist -but, let's face it you have invested in items of late that you have never had to. We fully appreciate that. In which case how would you feel if you could have the expert at a cost effective price? It all starts with a conversation...

Attention to Detail

Our standards aren't standard. High level touch points are our thing. We offer a complete package tailored to you. We kill harmful pathogens in corners, we don't hide in them. Our aim is to work around your needs so as to cause as little inconvenience as possible, and currently offer a reactive call out service should you need a one off deep cleanse and protection due to any outbreak.

We're your local Small Business Experts

Your support is appreciated and reciprocated. Our current clients range from Dance Academies, Salons, Gym's, Dealerships, Nurseries and Property Management Companies to Bars, Arenas and Events. Sterival is small enough to offer a personal but professional service (you're not a contract number to us). We only deploy our own in-house trained Technicians, and by keeping our overheads low we reflect this in our price to you. We are big enough to provide but small enough to care giving you the best of both worlds.

It all starts with a conversation………


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a Cleaning Company?

We are not a traditional Cleaning Company, but Specialise in Infection Prevention & Control and Bio-Hazard Cleaning.   However, a complete Decontamination (deep clean) and Sanitisation is carried out prior to any applications of Antiviral Solution.  Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions on how our process works.


How Often?

This will very much depend on you and your needs.  If you have a regular requirement you can advise us of the type of “traffic” and usage.  We will always give you realistic and transparent advice based on our Risk Assessment and experience.


Is it harmful to Fabric?

No.  We successfully treat fabrics and furnishings in addition to surfaces.  Sometimes a spot test will be completed prior to treatment on certain specialist materials or at your request.  It’s all about your peace of mind, so we are always happy to oblige a specific request.  Just ask..


Can People be Present?

It is better if the areas are tidy and clear of people during the treatments and for a short amount of time following.  This allows us to reach every area no matter how tiny and stops any disturbance whilst the disinfectant settles.  Although 100% safe it does make our application quicker and more effective if we can distribute to all surfaces directly.  We will supply and implement the appropriate signage thoughout.

Hate Being ILL?

80% Of common Infections are passed on via touch alone. Viruses left on surfaces could still affect you up to 72 hours later….

260 Billion.  The cost of missed work and productivity each year.

Surface Survival

High traffic surface touch points in your environment have the highest concentration of microbes.  They act as vectors for the spread of viruses. Photocopiers/Desks/Door handles/Lift Control/Taps /Canteen Facilities/Public Transport etc..

Control the Spread

The CDC estimates that contact between non-disinfected surfaces to human skin are the culprit of the spread of up to 80% of all infections.

People touch as many as 30 objects every 60 seconds….

When was your vending machine last disinfected?

Seriously…when was it last deep cleaned, sanitised and disinfected?  21% – a high percentage for such a small area – WILL be harbouring harmful pathogens

Why Use Fogging?
  • Fast Effective deployment
  • Cost effective alternative
  • Higher efficacy of disinfection
  • Minimal disruption
  • Technique kills 99.999% of known viruses including coronaviruses
Do you know the Difference?

Cleaning:  Does not kill microorganisms. It simply removes soil and debris

Sanitising:  Kills a high percentage of microorganisms on surfaces (99.9%).  It does not eliminate the growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi

Disinfecting:  Kills a higher percentage of microorganisms on surfaces. It kills harmful pathogens and bacteria and further reduces the occurrence of growth to a safe level

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